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Tim Foote

20 something. Climber. Photographer. Husband. Cat papa.

Dirtbag Portraits was Tim's initial project, born out of a desire to tell the stories of people whose passions lie in the outdoors, climbing, and the communities that have flourished in those environments.

Tim has been lucky enough to have his work featured in Rock and Ice Magazine and the Project Magazine, partners with businesses to highlight products and athletes, and is a photography partner with the Access Fund.

When he isn't climbing or taking photos, Tim enjoys spending time with his wife, Katelyn, singing, and exploring their new home, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Just discovering Dirtbag Portraits or Tim's photos? Here's what people are saying about them these days...

“Whenever I need a quality photo of my try hard face, I look no further than Tim Foote.”
— Dave Masom
“Tim Foote is leaps and bounds (and holds) above his peers in the art of wielding a camera.”
— Caleb Minetree
“I may not boulder often, but when I’m in a roof crack 3ft. off the ground, I make sure Tim Foote is there to capture it.”
— Irene Yee
“Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.”
— Clark Gable, as Ashley Wilkes in 'Gone with the Wind'
“Dirtbag Portraits speaks to my soul like the great Alaskan fjords did when I experienced them for the first time.”
— John Muir



Tim Foote on the opposite end of the lens.

Tim Foote on the opposite end of the lens.

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